I was so excited when I heard from this little sweetie’s mom wanting to book a session for her!  I had photographed her at age 2 and it was a very fun session with balloons, frilly outfits and a super cute happy kid!  I couldn’t wait to see how much she had grown over the last couple of years, and ready with lots of fun ideas for her four year session.  Miss J is in dance so we had to rock the tutu, and what 4 year old doesn’t love jumping on the bed?  Her mommy just had her wedding dress back so we decided to work with it to create a keepsake for her future wedding.  After some fun in the studio, we headed outdoors to a local park that I’ve grown to love.  We took advantage of the nature setting with the two ponds – overall a great evening!  I’m so glad they love their images and I hope you do too!  2014-06-20_0001 2014-06-20_0002 2014-06-20_0003 2014-06-20_0004 2014-06-20_0005 2014-06-20_0006 2014-06-20_0007 2014-06-20_0008 2014-06-20_0009 2014-06-20_0010 2014-06-20_0011 2014-06-20_0012 2014-06-20_0013 2014-06-20_0014 2014-06-20_0015 2014-06-20_0016

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