January 13, 2017 in Baby

Meet Asher!  He’s 7 months old and couldn’t be any cuter!  Those cheeks and eyes are just to die for!   I got to hang out with Asher and his mommy last week in the studio, playing peek a boo, fake sneezes, lots of goofy noises and bad dance moves all for the sake of his adorable smile, and his cute little smirk, which might be even cuter 🙂  I was so glad to see him at his half year mark.  So many parents will skip the mid year session and do only newborn + 1 year as those seem to be the bigger milestones, but how can  you resist this baby stage?  It lasts maybe 2 months if you’re lucky, then they’re off to explore the world and get into loads of trouble in the process 😉

I’m gushing over this little guy and miss that short period of time when my girls were this little.  I want to go back in time and load those cheeks up with kisses and snuggles!  I still will, but at 5, 6 and 11 they might not be quite as receptive.  Enjoy this cutie pie!  I  can’t wait to see him again when he turns one.  Don’t grow too fast though Asher – you’re too cute as a baby to grow up just yet!

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