Tween fun! Part 1

This is going to be ridiculously long so fair warning! I’ve broken it up into two parts because I simply couldn’t narrow down the number of images that I love from this session. This is my daughter, who had just turned 9 last summer when we did these. I try to do something special for each of my girls every year to show off who they are at every age, and we have a set of albums of my girls that I absolutely love as a result. I absolutely love working with kids this age. They’re old enough to collaborate with me, coming up with ideas of their own and inserting their own style into it. They’re still kids, and not quite teens, so they tend to have fun with it and show off their goofy side, while at the same time, old enough to follow direction. The result is a recipe for beautiful results! I love how we were able to capture her edgy side at the beginning of our session – she plays soccer and has been learning to skateboard, and she felt super cool in her ripped jeans and sunglasses! I looked for a location that would compliment this look and we ended up at a nearby school parking lot. It worked out great! I’ll share a part two of this session soon where we changed up the look to show off her kid side, and how we finished up with a dress and ice cream!

Kari Layland

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